Chinese fine chemical industry needs a more professional chemical design institute

Fine chemicals are one of the most dynamic emerging fields in today’s chemical industry. It has been included in the focus of development. It is expected that, in 2015, the output value of China’s fine chemical will reach 1.6 trillion RMB.

The fine chemical self-sufficiency rate will reach 80% or more. Chine will enter into the world’s fine chemicals powers. With the fine chemical industry development priorities and hot spots situation, seizing the historic opportunity of fine chemical industry policy support and quickly joining the fine chemical industry are very necessary for fine chemicals wholesalers who want to make a difference.

Industrial policy to support the rapid development of the fine chemical industry is self-evident. But to make achievements in the fine chemical industry quickly, there are still some difficulties. For the owners of the fine chemical industry, the biggest problem is lack of professional chemical design. A wide variety of fine chemical industry products, high value-added production projects are many small and medium-sized, higher requirements for the design, process, process control, and thus more need for professional chemical design. Although some design enterprises privatization, but generally are large petrochemical engineering, in the synthesis of other industries such as synthetic resin and Design Institute, coatings, inks, resins, pesticides, and other fine chemical industry may not be familiar, Visit the website.

Even if the owners’ philosophy to design institute‚Äôs project investment are not familiar with the industry characteristics and product performance, but need a professional team of engineers and no less, limited profit, design institutes not pay enough attention may not be understood. If the owners have chosen to do their own design, but there is no qualification. In accordance with national norms mechanically biased with the owners of the original design goals, but also not achieve the desired effect. How to overcome this difficulty as the owners are most concerned about the urgent need to enter the fine chemical industry.

As long as there is demand, someone will find a solution. The industry never lacks pioneers. Some companies have ten years experience in equipment manufacturing in the fine chemical industry. It communicates with the property owners within the copper chromite (CC) industry for a long time and has a thorough understanding of the owner’s needs. Some design institute is developed to form chemical industry equipment, manufacturers. They focus on investment in fine chemical projects. The design unit has a qualification of chemical engineering design institute and involves in more than a dozen professional dozens of engineers. Thus it forms a strong long-term development process equipment design and manufacturing capabilities, for coatings, inks, adhesives, resins, lubricants, chemical additives and other industries to provide engineering design and EPC contracting based services. Vigorously develop fine chemical industry is to adjust the structure of the chemical industry and enhance the strategic focus. In the chemical industry with industry-level becomes more and more segments, professional chemical design can better reflect the development of the industry. They will become very popular.

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